Help ID 6026

Indirect Illumination: FG pre-render mode active


This mode is used for static scenes only!

A static scene includes NO animated lights, NO animated objects and NO animated textures!

The camera is the only moving part.


To use that mode you first need to bake the Final Gather map to file

-set the frame range you need

-set frame step to 10 or higher depending on camera speed

-assign save path for Final Gather (...)

-hit "Generate Final Gather Map file now"

-wait until all frames are calculated 


When completed, reset render settings!

Make sure you have "read only (FG Freeze)" active when pressing "send to manager".


If the bake takes to long, increase the frame steps and/or reduce the FG settings.

If your scene is NOT static disable Final Gather map: "read write file" and run Smart Check again.

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